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Tel: 07887750890 / 0116 287 7335

In 2007 we contacted a sample of families that had been working with counsellors at New Dawn Family Counselling and Support Service. We wanted to know how we were doing in terms of the support we are able to give.
One question we asked was: “What did New Dawn do for you?”

We felt humbled by the replies we received. Here are just a small number.

“It allowed me to express my inner thoughts aloud and then having someone listen to me to make sense of it all. This process allowed me to find a solution that was right for me”.
That expresses what counselling should be about.

Someone else said:
“To see life from a different angle.”
Caring for someone can be very intensive. It can be hard to focus on possibilities beyond the immediate.

Another important issue was expressed like this:
It was so nice to have someone to talk to. Someone who listened without judging. It was a relief to get things off my chest.”
There can be so many things one just can’t talk about to friends or family members. Things said in counselling are confidential. The counsellor is impartial.

Another person said:
“Made me understand that there is life outside.”
Again, the intensity of the caring role can restrict the view of life around us. Exploring options is one way to helping carers see new horizons.

A mother needed some practical help:
“(New Dawn) helped me get my son diagnosed and helped with moving house; meeting with children’s school as they put me down a lot.

(New Dawn) helped me look at things differently.”
Here the help came from exploring what agencies should be involved and sign-posting the route to get the help needed.

A sense of utter despair was expressed by a mother:
“If it was not for New Dawn I’m not sure I would be here.
I was sinking, drowning but (New Dawn) held my hand and encouraged me to swim again.”

Those words express the extreme grief that arose from the losses experienced in the life of a mother and her child.

This is one mother’s account of her experience and her message to others:
A Parents View - New Dawn... You do not have to live "life on the edge"...

I am tired, so tired. .. And so sad... and scared. ., and angry. . .
Is anybody feeling the same way that I am feeling? Why doesn't it ever stop?
Please, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
This is how the story begins... To the outside world, I'd always say "I'm fine" but inside, I felt terrible... so powerless, so miserable, but so incapable of expressing it!. ..

I had to do something for my sake, my little girls' sake, my family's sake. . . I had to go and unload everything in order not to explode!

When our "special" little girl was born 3 years ago, my husband and I dedicated all our time and love and energy to do all we could for her. . .
We carried on doing so when her little sister arrived a year ago and struggled through the days and months to offer her the same love and attention so that none of them would ever feel left out because of the other. .. and that's what we will keep on doing. . .
But medical problems, slow progress, tiredness, sometimes mean that things become more and more difficult to handle... I felt I was reaching the end of my tether... I could not carry on...
What was I going to do? I needed to be strong, happy, and positive for my little girls, but how could I?
How could I when really everyday felt like such a struggle? How could I when every morning I wondered if that was going to be the day when I was going to break down? And what would happen then?

I had heard about "New Dawn" but never really got the courage to give them a ring. . .
"I'll be OK... it'll get better..." But really, it wasn't...
So, one morning, after a few more tears, I picked up the ‘phone and just about managed to hold it all together... .
David answered and without asking many questions at all, he offered to come and visit me to "have a chat".. .
When I hanged up, I knew this was going to be tough but I also felt relieved... I was finally going to be able to say exactly how I felt... all the sadness, the anger, the anxiety, the fear... and maybe, this will make things easier to deal with...

A few months later, I can actually say things are indeed easier than what I could possibly imagine back in those days. .. Life isn't suddenly fantastic, some days are still easier than others. .. But I can now get up in the morning and look forward to a new day, even to the next day and think more positively...
I feel I have come away from the edge a little bit, slowly, but confidently... I still have a long journey ahead of me but it is definitely worth the heartache. . .
So, when are YOU going to stop "living on the edge"?..

A Mum