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Tel: 07887750890 / 0116 287 7335

How New Dawn Family Counselling and Support Service Works.

In your family, or in a family that you know, is there a child or young person (may be more than one) living with a condition that affects their health and well being? It may be that an adult in the family has the condition. We encounter many different conditions - see our conditions encountered

Whether the condition is life threatening or not, nevertheless it has a profound influence on the whole family. The diagnosis and treatment of the condition calls for the intervention of professionals from a variety of agencies. Your calendar becomes dominated by appointments, clinics and consultations.

Each day is punctuated by a routine of medication or exercises and journeys between school or nursery and home. Someone in the family has the job of the principal carer.

Relationships within the family may become strained. Other children may feel left out – confused. Everyone feels exhausted. The condition demands so much from everyone.

At New Dawn we help many families through family counselling. We seek to work with whole families and individuals who are challenged by a situation such as this.

Talk to us. We will listen, and where we can help we will.
It may be that counselling with New Dawn will provide the best help for you, or there may be other specialised agencies to consider. We can look at those options with you.

Just get in touch by ‘phone or e-mail or letter, and we will meet you to talk things over. We usually suggest that we visit you at home to make it easier for you.

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